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How to make the perfect travel budget and have a stress free vacation.

The process of preparing the best travel budget that will ensure you have a stress free vacation can be quite troublesome. You will need to ask yourself important questions like how much the trip cost, how much will you need for your daily expenses, how long are you planning to stay and most importantly, are you financially capable of going for the vacation in the first place?

If yes, when are you scheduling to do so? Once you come up with a clear response to those questions, go ahead and start making numerous preparations that will ensure you have a stress free holiday.

A perfect traveling budget has to be extensive and precise. It should also be adhered to, otherwise, why prepare one if you know you will not follow it? Make sure you allocate enough money for individual activities so that you don’t end up having less fun or exceeding the amount you had planned to spend.

Below are some of the most important things to include in your budget. Ensure that you do an intensive research so that you may end up having an accurate financial plan.


  1. Come up with a budget for major transportation.


This is one of the most important things that you should ensure your budget on. In case you will be traveling to another continent, make sure you know how much the air tickets will cost you. Otherwise, you may find yourself canceling the whole trip or switching the destination once you learn how expensive airfare can be. The only way to prepare for this adequately is by doing adequate research on how much it will cost you fly from your current location to your destination.

In case your destination does not need airfare then you should be glad because chances are that it will not cost you as much as it would have to take a flight. You also get to pick from a number of transport modes such as water, road or rail. Ensure that whatever mode you decide on is both convenient and comfortable. The last thing you want is having the worst trip of your life just because you made the wrong choice.


  1. Prepare a budget for other transportation.


Once you get to your destination, you will have to get to your hotel, Airbnb or rental home. This means that you will need other means of transport. In most cases, people go for public means since it is always cheap. This can be taking a train or a bus. If you are not comfortable using either of those on your first day, you can opt for a rental car or an Uber.

Taxis are usually the best choice for those people who have no idea where they are going. They are often easy to come by and very efficient. You should, however, be advised that sometimes taxis tend to be expensive than most means of transport.

To have an insight into how much you will need for other transportation, do online research. You can post the question on relevant forums and chances are that you will get just the exact answer you are looking for.

Taxis and boat charges are usually the easiest to find since they are often plastered all over the internet. If you will be having numerous destinations, ensure you research all of them. The trick is to narrow down to the most accurate answer.


  1. Come up with the accommodation budget.


Accommodations are very crucial when going for any vacation. This is because it is one place that will determine how much fun you will end up having. The amount you spend on accommodations depends on where you are planning to stay. This can be in a hotel, a guesthouse, an apartment rental or even an Airbnb.

It is usually the easiest budget to make sense as soon as you can in your destination on the internet, you will be provided with an overwhelming number of places where you can stay with the prices for each of them. All you have to do is research how much it cost for each type of accommodation and put it on your budget. It is the only budget that you will end up having the exact figure you will spend.


  1. Don’t forget to make a food budget.


This is one area that is often challenging to prepare a budget for. Food budget requires strictness and extensive research. What makes it even harder is the facts that you can’t dictate the right ratio of food that you will be consuming during your stay. You also have no control over the cravings you might end up having for the local delicacies.

The only way to curb overspending, make a wise accommodation choice. Only pay more attention to those hotels and guesthouses that offer at least a meal or two. This will end up reducing your food budget a great deal.

On your budget, don’t forget to include drinks because there is no way you will go to a new place and forego the delectable cocktails or alcohol. One of the major things that will determine how much you spend on your food is which hotels you will be dining at. If you go to expensive hotels, you will spend more, but if you go for three stars, you will end up spending less.


  1. Include your activity budget.


The main theme of a great vacation is usually the kind of activities you get involved in. With this in mind, come up with a list of all the activities that are available in the area. Find out which activities require an entrance fee and how much it is if possible.

This is usually the case for museums, parks, and ruins. Other activities such as surfing or parachute diving only require the activity fee. The more the activities in the area, the more you are likely to spend. So try and make sure you exhaust all the activities in your research.

What will also determine how much you might end up utilizing the activities is the number of days you will be spending on your vacation. Chances are that you will partake too many activities if you are spending more days than if you are there for a shorter period.

You should also know that these activities charge differently, there are some that are more expensive than others. If you want to spend less, go for less expensive activities.

6. Come up with a shopping budget.


It is quite a hard thing to go for a vacation and fail to shop. There is always something intriguing that you won’t be able to take your hands off. To come up with the right budget for this, you need to ask yourself if you are a shopping enthusiast and if the answer is yes, ensure you set aside a good amount of money for it.

This is the only sure way that you’ll not end up spending cash meant for something else. It is very important that you avoid impulse buying since it may end up eating through your other budgets.

7. Ensure you have a budget for emergencies.


It is not a sure thing that you will end up having emergencies. But then this doesn’t mean that you won’t have something occurring that needs cash. You should thus come up with a budget that will save you in case you get yourself in a situation which could be a broken phone or lost documents.

This money will enable you to come up with a solution to the problem. Most people argue that money for emergencies should be quite a good sum so that you are sure you will not be caught on the wrong side of the problem.

8. Make use of a template to come up with the budget.


There are quite a number of templates that you can find online which will give you a great time to plan your budget. These include travel budget calculator, budget spreadsheet or the travel budget planner among many others.

These will enable you to make the right choices when it comes to designing your travel budget. You should know that each destination has its own budget and so does the individual traveling. That is why making adequate research and knowing your vacation behaviour is very important when coming up with the best and most expedient budget.

Final thought


All the information above is critical when creating your travel budget. A travel budget is designed to enable you to avoid overspending or bumping into financial crisis just because you didn’t make any plans.

With a good traveling budget, you should be able to project the average travel cost of your vacation. It should also cater for any emergency that might occur during the vacation. You should thus be able to travel without any problems. You will also have a piece of mind knowing that you have planned everything well enough.


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